Goldstone DSN Visitor Center

Goldstone tours are NOT available at this time. We have worked to extend our Outreach program in Barstow at the Historic Harvey House (Casa Del Desierto). Our Visitor's Center at the Harvey House in Barstow is located at 681 North First Avenue Barstow, CA 92311. See directions below. The main Harvey House entrance faces South toward the Railroad Tracks and we are located on the second floor. We are open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm and Saturdays 10am- 2pm with no cost to visit and no reservations required.
Security requirements have made tours of Goldstone more challenging and they will be limited in the future.

To Boldly Go... Well, You Know: NASA's Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt

Goldstone DSN Visitor’s Center will host Dr. Marc Rayman on May 25, 2017 at 5pm-6pm. Goldstone Visitor’s Center is located in the Historic Harvey House (681 North First Avenue) in Barstow, CA. FREE to attend. The ambitious and exciting Dawn mission is one of NASA's most remarkable ventures into the solar system. The spacecraft completed a spectacular exploration of Vesta in 2011-2012 and arrived in orbit around Ceres in 2015. These were among the last uncharted worlds in the inner solar system prior to Dawn. They are the two largest residents of the main asteroid belt, that vast collection of bodies between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is so large that it is included in the category of dwarf planets, along with Pluto. The alien landscapes Dawn reveals provide humankind with a new perspective on the solar system. Remnants from the time that planets were formed, Ceres and Vesta hold clues that will help scientists understand the dawn of the solar system. Dawn is the only spacecraft ever to orbit a dwarf planet and is the only one ever to orbit any two extraterrestrial destinations. It has also maneuvered extensively in orbit to optimize its observations. Such a mission would be impossible without the use of ion propulsion, a technology that has largely been in the domain of science fiction, but which was tested extensively on the Deep Space 1 mission, paving the way for Dawn. Dr. Marc Rayman will give a fascinating and entertaining presentation on the Dawn mission and its use of ion propulsion as well as its two exotic destinations. He also will share the excitement and profundity of controlling a spacecraft in deep space.

Interested in a GDSCC Tour?

Goldstone tours are NOT available at this time.    Golstone Outreach provides tours to approximately 4,000 visitors each year. This tour allows visitors to come to the museum to learn about the facility and the spacecraft missions supported by the Deep Space Network as well as travel the Goldstone Complex to visit the different antenna sites. This is an escorted tour, and you will be following your guide in your own vehicle as we travel around the complex. There is no charge for the Goldstone tour. Cameras are welcome. No pets allowed except service animals with prior notification. We recommend closed shoes for comfort and safety.  

Directions to Harvey House

Harvey House address: 681 North First Avenue, Barstow, CA 92311
Taking I-15 North … follow signs for Barstow
Take Exit 181 L Street.
Turn Left onto L Street towards Main Street 0.5 mile.
Turn Right onto Main Street going East for 1.8 miles.
Turn Left onto N. 1st Ave 0.6 miles.

Taking I-15 South … follow signs for Barstow
Take Exit 183 CA-247/Barstow Road.
Turn Right onto CA-247/Barstow Road towards Main Street 0.8 miles
Turn Left onto Main Street going West 0.2 miles.
Turn Right onto N. 1st Ave 0.6 miles.

Destination will be on the right.
We are located inside the Historic Harvey House. Exhibit rooms are located on the second floor.
Entrance to the Historic Harvey House are South facing the Railroad tracks. Parking is located near the retired Railroad cars on display.

Goldstone Map

This map of Goldstone defines the various facilities within the Goldstone Complex.

Visitor Center

Address: 681 North First Avenue Barstow, CA 92311
Contact: Leslie Cunkelman
Phone: (760) 255-8688

The Goldstone Deep Space Network Visitor’s Center is open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm and Saturdays 10am- 2pm with no cost to visit and no reservations required. School and public groups are invited to come and learn about the amazing work being done by NASA/JPL and Deep Space Network. We are closed on Federal Holidays.

Please Note: Goldstone is not an Observatory with optical telescopes. We do not offer night-time programs. Our work is in two-way robotic spacecraft communication and radio astronomy.